The urban rooted household is a full one; full of love, full of chaos, full of joy, full of amazing children. We live in a (relatively) small cape cod near downtown Grand Rapids, Michigan.

Our family consists of; Tyler (Daddy) who works for a webhosting company in Lansing, Michigan, Cabrielle (Mama) your tour guide and host on this adventure, Kaitlyn(22) our oldest daughter who currently lives and works in Florida, Damien(5) our strong adventurer, Perry(4) our imagination machine, Caleb (3) our fighter, Alize (3) our princess, Olivier (2) our tiny explorer, Snowflake our dog, Teacup and Hermione our cats, and our five fishy friends.

All of these miraculous children joined our family through the tragedy and miracle of adoption. This adventure was covered more in detail on the blog here.

Life in our home is never dull, never quiet, and never still. If we aren’t running to a therapy appointment, doctor’s appointment, play date or family function then we are working on school, playing at home, or slowly chipping away at our farm plans (More to come in a future post).


We look forward to you all accompanying us on this journey. It is going to be funny, sad, unpredictable (as life always is), messy, and real.

Please feel free to contact me at any point via the Contact tab or at cabriellerudisill@live.com


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