Happy GR-iversary 

Home. It’s a word I don’t have a handle on yet. 

For some people home is where they were born, where their family has live for generations. For some home is a place they find as adults and build their lives there. 

Thus far in life I have had lots of homes. 

Home was moving around. 

Home was where family was, but the definition of family for me is different than most. 

Home was Michigan. 

Home was the DC Metro Area. 

Home. Where is it? 

I think home for me has to be the places and the people I always return to. 

I live in a beautiful home with my amazing family. I lived in this same home 10 years ago while I was going to college. I have returned like a salmon swimming upstream. 

A year ago we made the jump and moved back to Grand Rapids. We had talked about doing so every few months since we started dating. It was a big change for my husband who had spent the majority of his life in the same county of West Virginia. 

Now a year later here we are.  

The year has been a whirlwind with a whole lot of adjustments and craziness. 

The place is home. I feel the connection in my very bones. I feel the connection to the streets and noise and the quiet. To the hun of the city around us. To the way of life. What our kids need is here. The services for the kids are incomparable. 

We lost part of home on the move too. We lost our carefully constructed village of people. People from all walks of life and all avenues of our lives who all shared one amazing quality- they loved and they showed up. I look at the pictures of our move here to Grand Rapids last year and I see them. I see them loading the truck with us, I see them driving from Pennsylvania to Michigan with us. I see them unpacking the new house with us. 

To find home we had to lose their daily presence. 

Time will shift things. Our village here will grow, if I’m quiet and look around I can see the new growth starting. 

What will home mean to our kids? Will home be people in one place and life in another or will they have a version of home different than I can yet fathom?

No matter where or what home has meant to me over the years, there is a thread that runs through it all and that is love. 

Home is complicated. 

Love is simple. 


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