It found me

I was out hunting for it, sure it would look like a round belly, swollen ankles and screams, pink booties and softness 

When it snuck up on me that’s not how it looked 
It came suddenly with beeps and cords, instructions and fears, uncertainties and strength

It expanded with chaos and laughter, messes and learning, loud and surprising, unending smiles

It grew again with new life and sighs, cuddles and blue booties, “don’t squeeze you brother”‘s and lullabies 

Then it came full circle with the twinkle of her eye, quiet moments, things shifted 

The connection I had been on the hunt for but not in a package I expected. I was looking for this- 

It was supposed to come, I was sure, swaddled in a hospital room and instead she came walking up the sidewalk nervously adjusting her purse

Left to hunting I would never have found it. I was looking on well worn and popular hunting paths, not knowing that my goal was in the wilds of the forest

Motherhood found me in new and surprising ways and it stills finds me every day

In the phone call for advice 

In the adjustments of Batman’s cape

In the first words 

In the skinned knees 

In the skinned hearts 

In the stories of monsters and princesses 

In the spreading of wings

In the ABC’s 

In the pretty dresses

In the muddy shoes 

While I was out hunting

It found me 


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