Five Reasons Churches Should Include Special Needs Families

“An Invasion”

“Too Much”


“A Lot to Handle”


This is just some of the phrases used to describe how people feel about my family coming to events or people’s homes or even businesses.  Mind you, these are just the things said to my face, I am sure there are more colorful words used when I am not around. 

It used to hurt my feelings. It used to make me mad. In some cases it flat broke my heart. But, to be fair, I totally get it. We are a lot to take. If our entire family shows up that’s three adults and five children under the age of six with special needs. It is a lot. I get it. 

This is why finding a space where us showing up is not greeted with the above phrases or even looks of exhaustion or disbelief- those spaces are invaluable to us as a family. 

It has been a challenge to find a church that can handle us all. Where we currently go has an entire ministry devoted to Special Needs kiddos and this has been a miracle in our lives. 

There are a whole two people here in Michigan that can and do regularly watch our kiddos and those times are super helpful. Having an hour a week where I can take the kids to church and leave them with other adults to love on them and show them that God loves them too while I go and fill my own cup up with the grace of the Lord- that hour makes all the difference in our entire week. 

Here are five reason churches should be going out of their way to include Special Needs Families:

  1.  Parents of Special Needs Children NEED community. Yes, all people need community but for many special needs parents the church is one of the only places they can turn to for it because they are not working and they spend most of their time with doctors and therapist. 
  2. Special Needs Children need to know they are loved in this world. Let us be real, we live in a world that is often ugly and cruel. These kiddos may not be treated nicely throughout the week- let’s gather together and love on them on Sunday. 
  3. Walk into a place offering a Special Needs Ministry and I promise you will feel the love of Christ in ways you never have before 
  4. Special Needs kiddos will bring amazing love, strength, and out of the box thinking to any environment. 
  5. Prayer can offer unending amounts of peace to kiddos struggling with pain, trauma, challenges, etc. 

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