What’s Next? 

I am convinced if you could magically go back to the day I was born and read my baby mind the first thought I had must have been:

What’s next?

It’s always been my nature. The goal posts are always moving. I am never done. My thoughts are often months or years ahead of where I currently am in life. I am a planner and I am always thinking about what comes next. 

In big ways and in little ways. In planning for children as soon as we were engaged or in focusing on the afternoon plans during my morning coffee. 

My focus isn’t just on the future, I’ve got binoculars and a notepad. 

This is often viewed as a good quality in our go-go-go culture. I’m always planning, always preparing for the next 12 steps, and I never ever stop. 

I also thought it was one of my better qualities. It’s not. 

I am missing out. I am missing out on so much. By constantly planning my next move and never stopping I am missing the moment. Worse yet, our kids are missing the moment too. 

When we got all the kids’ diagnoses my “What’s Next?” went wild. I am constantly researching and adding new therapies or tactics or treatments to try and help them as much as possible. All of those things are great and they are helping the kids so much. However, we are all missing the moment. 

They are missing out on just being kids. It takes executive level planning for them to have a play date or for us to go to the zoo or even to the park. We spend every day of the week at therapy appointments, working on therapy at home, and doing homeschool. Our littles work harder than many adults, they are almost never not working. 

They need time and space to be kids. To chase a butterfly, build a fort, make a friend, and explore this magnificent world we live in. Their challenges and obstacles in life don’t prevent them from needing this time. 

As a family we need time to just be together. Time to be in the moment before it leaves us behind. They will be little for such a short time and I do not want to miss a second of it chasing what is next. I do not want to sacrifice their childhood at the alter of busyness. 

But, how can I balance getting them all the therapies they need so they have an arsenal of tools at their disposal with giving them space to just be? 

I have wrestled with this for months. Here is what we are going to try: we are going to take regularly scheduled therapy breaks. Currently the kids have over 20 therapies a week and we are about to add at least two more. That’s a lot but it is all needed and all helping. 

We are going to have a new therapy schedule. We are going to have four weeks of therapy followed by one week with no appointments. Then wash and repeat. 

One week a month to just be in the moment. 


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