When It Rains

When It Just Keeps Coming

I have been putting this post off. Waiting. Sure soon it would turn around and I could talk about the moment it made the turn and what it taught us.

Instead, it just keeps raining.

Last night literally. My husband, Tyler, and I were woken up to it raining in our basement bedroom and family room. Now, I do not mean a slight drip- I mean it looked like we were having a torrential downpour- inside the house.


The water pipe in our bathroom that connects to the toilet burst in the middle of the night. The raining water was coming from the completely flooded bathroom above us. It was an adventurous night and today Tyler was able to fix the problem and we quickly got the water cleaned up.

The issue is this is just the latest in a string of craziness since we moved. Maybe the craziness would have happened anywhere or maybe we notice it more because we are without our village of support. I am not sure which it is at this point.

The series of events have included:

Every car we own completely breaking down, you name a part it has broken on one or both of our cars.

The air conditioner flooded the basement.

The window of our van was broken out.


The hot water heater was leaking CO2 into the house.

Major (meaning expensive) things have broken at the house we own in Pennsylvania.

I had to have a hysterectomy and my recovery did not go as planned.

We have added the following diagnoses to life: Apraxia (for two kids), Autism, Charcot-Marie-Tooth, ADHD, Attachment Disorder, and possible Auditory/Visual Processing Disorder.

D tried public school and it was a disaster. Then we transitioned to homeschool.

Tyler was on third shift for most of the time.

C’s lungs have gotten worse and we have had to rush him to the ER twice.

We have had packages and mail stolen.

I’ve lost my faith, found it again, lost it again….and I think found it once again.


Those are just some of the big things that have happened and that is not counting the day to day things that crop up.

It has been one heck of a year. Our loved ones have started to tease us that we need the have an exorcism done on the house or something.

This isn’t a post with answers, or  an “and then I saw the light” post. I do not have answers or a clue what is going on or what we should be learning from it all. I’m merely trying to survive it at this point.

Praying for a drought.




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