Finding My Mom Joy In The Morning

For a few weeks now I’ve been getting up a few hours before the kids and enjoying some peace and quiet. The house is silent, other than the sound of the heat running, and it’s dark and quiet on our little city street.

I get a drink, snuggle in front of the tree, and just let myself settle into the day. Reading scriptures, reading a book, maybe composing an email I’ve been putting off, or starting dinner in the crock pot, some days I work on laundry or watch the news. It doesn’t really matter what I fill that time with so much as that I get a window in the day where it is quiet. No one is climbing on me, pulling me, whining at me, poking me, or asking me for things. It doesn’t really matter how long it is or how little sleep I got the night before. This time is all mine. To do with it what I will but mostly I use it to prepare my heart and mind for the day.

All us Moms pour all of ourselves and then some into our kids every minute, every day, all week long, every year. Every second is about them. Us homeschool moms have the added hat of our kids education to wear. We do not send our kids off for a few hours during the day, they are with us all day long.

In the sea of tiny humans I often lose track of me. When that happens I become a different mom, a mom with less patience, a mom with no time to answer your questions, a mom with no energy to sit through your 15 minute story about an imaginary dinosaur that was in your room last night, a mom who is missing the moments of joy and wonder because I’m being swallowed by the sea of needs around me. I needed a lift raft, I needed something to prepare my body and mind to dive into that sea each day and not drown before lunch time.

For my friends who are Moms, especially to large herds of tiny ones, what are your tricks of the trade to find your Mom joy in the beautiful chaos? What’s your life raft?


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