Chronological Scripture Study Series: Creation


This week I want to cover the creation scriptures in our study of scriptures in chronological order.

The scriptures I have studied for this post are:

John 1

Abraham 4

Genesis 1

Moses 2

We could spend hundreds of hours discussing this, there have been people who devote their lives to this portion of scripture and this time in human history. This will be a super small dive into the subject.

I started reading with John 1 and nothing jumped out at me, at first, because it was very familiar. I then moved on to Abraham 4 and stopped in the first verse.

And then the Lord said: Let us go down. And they went down at the beginning, and they, that is the Gods, organized and formed the heavens and the earth.

Abraham 4:1

That “S” stopped me. Godsssss. Explain yourself you scandalous little “S”. I vaguely remembered my lesson with the Elders who baptized me, and a conversation we had about Jesus being there at the creation, but that hazy memory was not enough for me right now. This study is about me finding it myself so I dug into the footnotes and the topical guide, and down the rabbit hole I went. Has anyone been there before chasing an explanation in scripture?

Here are the explanations I found. In Genesis 1:26 God is talking about making man in “our” image. Is God channelling men far in the future and using a royal we or is there another being part of that we? Moses 2:26 begins with God talking about his “only begotten” who was with him from the beginning. Ok, now we are getting to something that feels familiar and I quickly flipped back to John 1.

In the beginning was the Word, and the Word was with God

John 1:1

Holy cow. I have read that piece of scripture a million times and never stopped to put two and two together. Jesus is often referred to as “the word” of God and here we see that “the word” was with God in the beginning. Also down the rabbit hole I read Mosiah 4:2 in which Christ as a creator is discussed and in Psalms 33:6 there is another reference to “the word” and the creation of heaven.

That little “s” makes a lot more sense now. Was it just the two? Hmmmm.

I remember the moment the concept of a Mother in Heaven was introduced to me during my lessons with the Elders. You know sometimes you hear something that just feels right and clicks with you on a deep level, even if you never thought much about it before? This is how it was for me when we discussed the Mother in Heaven. I am not going to delve too deeply into this idea right now but you can read more about this topic here. What role was our Mother in Heaven playing in that little “S”? I do not know but it does not seem preposterous to assume she was around.

I could go into the plan of salvation and the spirit life we all had originally, because it is connected to creation but I am going to go into this at a later time.

Let’s move on to talking about the Garden of Eden being created. It sounds gorgeous first of all. I loved the references in Abraham 4 to the planning and organization. Everything within our universe works so amazingly well together there is no way that could be an accident. If you study chaos theory you see that even in the randomness around our lives and world, if you look hard enough you will see the patterns at play and that it is not in fact random. I also love the reference to the “days” of creation as times in Abraham 4. There are certain religious traditions who become painfully literal about the timeline of our world- people who deny dinosaurs or say science’s estimate about the age of our universe is wrong. I do not think faith and science have to be enemies. I think they give depth and meaning to one another. Faith answers why and science answers how. Those are different things. Big bang, creation, evolution- shoooo that debate can get HOT. However, not one place in these scriptures I read did it describe the process God used to create, so why create a fight where there does not need to be one? None of us have the answers completely.

Lastly, for this week, a line of scripture that spoke to me deeply comes from Moses 3 while describing the organization of creation.

And out of the ground made I, the Lord God, to grow every tree, naturally, that is pleasant to the sight of man; and man could behold it. And it became also a living soul. For it was spiritual in the day that I created it; for it remaineth in the sphere in which I, God, created it, yea, even all things which I prepared for the use of man; and man saw that it was good for food.

Moses 3:9

I have always felt there is something sacred about our natural world and this bit of scripture mirrored that truth back to me. The tree was spiritual and a living soul. Our world was created spiritually first and then physically. Everything is spiritual. How we treat our world, that was created for us, is a reflection of us seeing God in the tree in our yard or the bird in the sky. I wonder how this concept, if truly accepted within our hearts, would change our behaviors in this consumer driver world today?

Next week we are going to talk about the “fall” and Adam and Eve. This was a BIG turn for me in my lessons with the Elders, I remember having my entire understanding of the story shaken and needing quite a while to process it all so it is going to be awesome.

The scriptures I am going to go through for next week are:

Genesis 2

Moses 3

Genesis 3

Moses 4


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