Why I Went Blonde For My Son

It happened. I have become a blonde. 😳

I never would have imagined I would do this. I was never the brunette wishing I was a blonde.

However, I will do anything for my kiddos.

Our kiddos all look pretty similar but Perry is our only super blonde kid. I love how bright his hair is and it fits him perfectly. Perry, however, has been distraught about it recently.

As our older boys have been settling in more to life lately and really processing that we are a family forever it has given them space to work through some trauma. For Perry it has really started bothering him that he doesn’t look like everyone else. We have worked hard to tell him how little that matters. We have shown him pictures of both myself and Tyler as children and shown him we both had blonde hair. We have pointed out that Alizé is also blonde, albeit a darker shade. None of these things have made much impact on our boy.

It has gotten to the point that once or twice a week he has a complete meltdown and asks me to change his hair or change everyone’s. After months of this I decided that he needs more assurance than just us telling him he is a part of the family blonde hair and all. This lead me to the idea to add some blonde to my hair.

I thought about it for a while and decided if I kept my dark locks but added in some blonde it may help Perry without bothering the other kids too much.

I got some strange looks when I told people I wanted to try this and see if it helped Perry. I knew it sounded strange and like it would have no impact on the situation but I had to try something. It broke my heart to watch him struggle with this so often.

I told him the morning of my appointment that I was going to have blonde put in my hair and he got so excited he jumped up and down. I felt sure I was on the right track.

When I got home and showed him my new look he jumped and danced around and acted like it was Christmas morning. In the way that only a mother can feel her children’s emotions, I could feel him relax into my arms as he hugged me in excitement, holding my hair up to his.

Is it a long term solution to his pain? No. However, it’s helping now as he works through these big and complex feelings. Turns out, I actually am really loving it myself. Let’s see if I have more fun this way.


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