Chronological Scripture Study Series: Enoch

Chronological Scripture Study SeriesEnoch

Welcome back to our chronological journey through the scriptures.

If you are new to this series you can find the first in the series here.

This week the topic is Enoch, found in Moses 6-7. I have been following this scripture timeline.

Guys, I have been avoiding this post for a while. I started this series to work through some pretty conflicted feelings I have about religion and that process can be messy and unclear. I wanted to wait until I had an uplifting and inspiring response to this section of scripture. Sigh. It is not happening. I promised you guys transparency from the beginning so I feel like I should share with you guys where I am with it all.

plan-of-salvation-1527364-tablet (1)

Let’s discuss the basics of the story of Enoch. It is basically a blueprint for the plan of salvation. This is a HUGE and amazing thing. If you wanted to get the basics, these two chapters lay it all out nicely. I have no issue with the plan of salvation, it is wonderful and beautiful.

My issue is more within myself. You know in old cartoons you see someone with an angel on one shoulder and a devil on the other representing the two sides of the person. For me, I have a Monica on one shoulder and a Phoebe on the other. Half of me is anal and obsessive and loves structure. The other half is a free- spirit hippie.


How does this have anything to do with my religious bipolarness? My Monica side loves the structure added to every last detail of life that comes with the LDS faith, it is regimented and orderly and Enoch shows the structure has been there from the beginning.  It’s neat and tidy. Meanwhile, all of the structure bugs my Phoebe side, who wants to live in an organic, open, moment by moment way. This side of my personality bucks the idea of being instructed on so many aspects of life and wants everyone to life their truth no matter how out of the norm and “structure” it is. I would say for the last 5-10 years my Monica side has been driving the ship, but, lately I feel more and more like a Phoebe.

In college, in Shepherdstown West Virginia, there is a much beloved local coffee shop with an infamous owner. He often does not wear shoes, he is the very definition of a free spirit, and he will frequently go on long and energetic rants about big government and corporations and too much structure in our world. More than once lately I have felt certain that I am becoming a female version of him as I age. Watch me drive around in our 12 passenger van with fair trade chai in my hand as I well at NPR and you would see it as well.

I am going to continue my scripture study series. I want to have a full picture of the scriptures regardless, but I am more confused than ever about what you could call the particular religion of Cabrielleism.


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