How We Use Adventure To Fitness As Our Homeschool Physical Education

I am a homeschool Mama, but I wasn’t homeschooled myself. I had years of public school physical education that made me want to poke my eye out with a pencil. Changing into unflattering clothes, completing menial tasks, and having your hair messed up in the middle of the day- I have been there and to be frank I don’t think I got much of anything out of the experience.

As a Mom, especially one with the responsibility of teaching my children myself, I was unsure how we would incorporate physical education as the kids were young. That is until I discovered Adventure To Fitness a few years ago. This program makes my inner teacher and the Mom in me do leaps of joy!

Adventure to fitness is exactly like it sounds. It is a kids educational fitness video. Imagine taking your mom’s old Jane Fonda videos but turning the same exercises into an epic and informative adventure. Your kids can be running from stampedes in Yellowstone, jumping boulders in caverns, or looking for lost professors in underground worlds. No matter the adventure your kids choose they will get 30 minutes of nonstop movement accompanied by a truckload of information.

Adventure To Fitness Preview

With five kids under six at home, anything that gets out some of their gallons of energy gets a big gold star in my book. What I love about Adventure to Fitness is that they enjoy it and they always learn something new. Damien became obsessed with volcanos after learning about them from Adventure To Fitness. Best of all, I don’t have to wait for nice weather for the kids to get out some of their crazy energy. They do it right in the living room.

We also get something else out of it. All of the kids have issues when it comes to sensory processing, or how their bodies interpret the information their senses pick up from their surroundings. Disregulation of the sensory system feels awful for them and can cause some pretty crazy behaviors. They get so many different types of input from going on an adventure that they are calmer for the rest of the day. Mama sanity saver right there.

As I’ve gotten to know more Mama’s who homeschool I have learned a lot of them haven’t heard about Adventure To Fitness. Which I get, I stumbled upon it accidentally two years ago and now we use it almost daily. Even our nephews are becoming hooked on taking a trip with Mr. Marc, the adventure guide.

If you want to learn more about Adventure To Fitness check out their website and learn about streaming the subscriber content, ordering DVD’s, or even the research put into each adventure.

Adventure To Fitness Preview Video

Adventure To Fitness Website


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